Ideas for We Video for High School Students

As we go through this Remote Learning experience what are some of the other high school educators creating for their high school students? Thank in advanced for your ideas. Peace Shawn

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Thanks for reaching out here @shawn.p.mcdonough :partying_face: Some of our WeVideo Education Ambassadors have high school experience. Learn more about them here:

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I know of a Science teacher that is using stop motion with her students and using WeVideo combined with another Chromebook app to do this. Another teacher is screenrecording anatomy apps and parts of the body and then editing these. She isn’t using WeVideo yet but I think she’ll begin using it for the editing capabilities soon. In the past our Business students have created business proposals that were based in a country. The students had to place objects or other images that represented their country into the video and then speak about proper behaviors while working in that country. I don’t see why that couldn’t be accomplished now. We have some teachers that I’ve suggested use WeVideo to conduct read alouds. Teachers could record their screens with the content viewable and ask that students read along with them. There are some suggestions for a teacher to use WeVideo as a mock podcast for students as well. Instead of Finishing with video, just Finish with the audio only. Just a couple suggestions for you. Hopefully, they’ll be of some use. :slightly_smiling_face:

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